Dealing with Unemployment

Unemployment can translate to a loss of a steady income, benefits, and structure in life, but it can also translate to a loss of identity. When a job is abruptly stripped from our lives, we may no longer know who we are or what our life stands for. As a result, depression can set in and we can become overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. We may fret about how friends, family, and society as a whole will view us when our employment status is found out. As a result, we may feel insecure and unsure of how to embrace this new life we find ourselves forced to live.

The key to remember is that we are everything we need to be, with our without a job. Even when the title and salary are gone, we are still the same person, with the same gifts to offer the world. This concept may be difficult to grasp after years of finding a sense of self-worth from a job.  What we must learn to do is connect with a strong sense of self within. When we are connecting to this life source, we can weather any storm and still remain in tact.

Whenever adversity strikes in my life, I think of myself as a tree with roots firmly planted in the ground. These roots represent my sense of self that I have been nurtured from within. Even if the branches of my tree are swaying from a storm that is passing through my life, my roots remain permanently cemented in the ground.

If you are unemployed and are feeling as though your world has turned upside down, try to start planting your own roots into the ground. Keep telling yourself that you will get through this uncomfortable period and more than likely, you will come out the other end of the dark tunnel even stronger than when you initially entered.  

Colleen Canney is a Career, Life, and Wellness Coach based in Milwaukee, WI. She coaches clients nation-wide both in-person and via telephone. For more information on Colleen, please visit or contact her via email at


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