Balancing your Energy Checkbook

I recently had an, “Uh Oh,” moment when I realized by plate was overflowing with too many commitments. As a result of allowing myself to be pulled in too many directions, my internal energy checkbook was out of balance and I was on the verge of bouncing checks due to insufficient funds. My body was telling me if I wasn’t careful, my energy reserves would be depleted, leaving me exhausted and functioning at less than optimal levels.

During the long holiday weekend I was lucky enough to be able to “unplug” at my parents’ cottage in Door County, Wisconsin.  Whenever I am in Door County it’s as though my whole body takes a deep breath and  I automatically “let go” of anything that may be weighing me down.

This weekend I found myself particularly drawn to the vast bodies of water surrounding me. After a run at Peninsula State Park on Sunday, I wandered over to the edge of the water and stared out at the shades of blue before me. In the gentle ripples of water, I surrendered to the universe and allowed myself to be at peace.

For the past few weeks I had been on automatic pilot, completely consumed with speeding through life at a 100 mph pace. When you are traveling at such high speeds, it can be easy to cruise along without being cognizant of whether or not it may be time to hit the brakes. For me, it was time to let up on the gas pedal and reflect on the direction my life was headed. I asked myself, “Am I committing to things that truly matter to me?” Without any distractions I needed to look at my life and make sure I was allocating my energy to appropriate people and situations. In the never ending purity of blue, clarity emerged and stood before me with an unassuming gaze.

It was in the stillness of the moment that I realized I needed to move forward in my life with a more purposeful intent. Life had thrown some detours my way and I learned what I needed to during these side trips. However, it was now time to get back on track and head in a more straightforward direction to reach my goals.

The next time you find your plate overflowing, ask yourself these questions:

1)      Am I devoting time and energy to people and obligations that are truly important to me?


2)      Do I have a clear plan for achieving the goals I want to achieve?


3)      Does my life feel fulfilling and energizing? If not, what changes do I need to make?


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